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Applied Systems is proud to represent America’s cooling tower: Baltimore Aircoil Company in Oregon and SW Washington.

Highly efficient, with the most choices, the highest quality and very competitive pricing, BAC is your first choice for commercial and industrial heat rejection.  Whether it’s an open tower or a closed-circuit fluid cooler, forced or induced draft, we have your tower.

Baltimore Aircoil founded in 1938, could be considered the inventor of the modern, packaged cooling tower.  They continue to lead the way today.

  • 10 to 1500 tons of cooling in a single packaged cell
  • Open circuit and closed circuit cooling towers
  • Induced draft; single and twin air intakes
  • Forced draft; upright and ‘lowboy’ models
  • Xtreme efficiencies with twice the GPM/HP specified by ASHRAE 90.1
  • Easiest to maintain
  • Dirty water applications
  • Material and coating options for corrosion protection
  • Comfort cooling, water-side economizers, industrial cooling

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