Seresco is the world leader in natatorium conditioning air handling units. Borne from the failure of traditional makers of pool units, the leadership team of Seresco formed their own company with the idea of designing a unit that leaves all the old faults behind. Web-connected, direct drive units with superior corrosion protection, superior heat recovery design and Pad Evacuator compatible. A truly modern product that leads the pool conditioning industry.  Please contact us for help with Seresco in Oregon and SW Washington.


  • Unique, State-of-the-art Indoor Pool, Commercial Dehumidifiers
  • Offered from 650 CFM to 70,000 CFM, from 10 #/hr to 840 #/hr dehumidifying capacity, indoor/outdoor
  • WebSentry® Technology allows operating parameters to be viewed over the web…including live refrigerant pressures.
  • Blower motor, compressor is always located out of the air stream, as are all major components, except coils
  • All coils are fully dipped for corrosion protection. All copper is polyurethane coated.
  • All air stream components and surfaces are coated.
  • Blowers are DIRECT DRIVE with VFD operation optional
  • Pool water heaters
  • Heat recovery on exhaust airstream
  • Purge fan options
  • Pad Evacuator compatible
  • Air cooled condenser sets, or the ‘Protocol’ series with dry cooler loop and 85% reduced refrigerant charge
  • Residential, commercial, institutional
  • Olympic pools, hotels, motels, YMCA’s, schools, athletic clubs and homes

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